October 17, 2009

Good Weekend

Hope everyone had a nice weekend so far!

October 16, 2009

Windows 7 Powershell Pack

Some really cool scripts. Read about it here.

October 15, 2009

AzMan Bulk Import/Export Tool V2

So I started writing a v2 a while back that was a complete UI using .NET 3.5 and XAML. It was done so that I can finally upgrade the code and play a bit with XAML. I never finished that code and plan to go back to it, but will have to label it v3.0. The v2.0 that I am adding here is a console based application based off my original work and some work done by David E. This code will do a bulk import/export for:
  • Xml store
  • AD store
  • SQL Store
The code was modified a bit and can be used like this:
AzManBulkImport.exe {source policy store}{source policy store}{copy users}
There are a few minor things to keep in mind with this new version:
  • Migrating App Groups with incorrect LDAP Strings crashes the migration.
  • There is no check to make sure the database in the connection string exists.
  • XML AzMan store defaults to no-users in policy store administrators group, meaning everyone has access. SQL AzMan says that no-one in the policy store administrators group means no one has access. Migrating an XML store without any administrators to a SQL store results in an access problem, as no-one will have access to the policy store after the policy store administrators are deleted from SQL server. There is an error message to reflect this situation.
  • David has changed the Operations migration to compare old and new operations using the Operation ID, instead of the old comparison on Operation Name.
An example of the usage can be:
AzManBulkImport.exe "mssql://Driver=SQL Server;Server=dbserver01;Trusted_Connec
tion=True;/MyAzmanDatabase/MyPolicyStore" "d:\Azman.xml" "true"
This basically says to copy from the specified SQL Server store to the specified XML Store, including all user role assignments. You can change from XML to AD Ldap connection string or Ldap connection string to SQL server.

To recap, v2.0 of this code is console based and has a few updates with the major being SQL Server capability. Some of the code is a bit rough, but it works :) I do hope to release v3.0 if I ever get time to work on it again.

You can download the code here.

October 14, 2009

AzMan Updates

I have some new tools that I will be posting later this week. It has been a crazy week for me, so just hang in there.

October 13, 2009

JSON and Powershell

I needed to convert from and to JSON within powershell. I guess it would be quite easy to write something but I came across this parser that basically did it for me. More JSON posts to come based off this new project I am working on.

October 12, 2009

MSDeploy and Powershell

A good article can be found here.

October 11, 2009

Good Weekend

Hope everyone had a good weekend!