June 3, 2009

AzMan Test Harness

I (or someone from our operations team) often needed a way to quickly test operations in my applications. This had to be done without going directly into our main application or digging into the AzMan console. I whipped up (back in '04 but still used today) this simple windows form. I have uploaded my old test harness here . This harness is very old (written in .NET 1.1), so you may have to update some code if you are putting this into 2.0 or 3.5. The windows form when run will allow you to test:
  • Test either against XML or AD store
  • Specify the Application Name
  • Specify the OperationName
  • Test with either a User SID or a UserName
The output would then show if that SID or UserName is True/False against that operation.

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