June 8, 2009

AzMan Bulk Import/Export Tool

Great, we are using AD as a backing store instead of XML because of scalability. The million dollar question to Microsoft a few years ago was "How do I get this from my Dev --> QA --> Prod domain?!?". Assuming no trusts (which should be the case), this means if I have for example 50 operations and 25 tasks, and 15 roles...this can be very tedious. It was for this reason that I created the original Bulk Import/Export tool. At the time, the tool was written to go from AD --> XML and then XML back to AD. This allowed a neat little import/export but SIDs were always messed up. Newer versions that were not released allowed from AD to AD using impersonation. Newer versions even included SQL store.

In this post, I am just going to link to my original version of the code which can be found here. Having said that, I will post shortly my updated version(s) of this code for people to use.

Post here if you have used this tool, as I am quite interested in how many people used it. I always get emails regarding it so I know that it is heavily used.

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